5 Best Free WordPress Woocoomerce Video Tutorials for Beginners

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Below are the some of the best WordPress Woocommerce video tutorials for beginners. Sometimes the way instruction teaches can make the difference between you learning something or not. I’ve hand picked these video tutorials, so let me know your thoughts! You can click the Full Screen icon on the bottom right corner of the video to view it in full screen.

1. Storefront: How to make an Ecommerce WordPress Website 2015 (Video Above)

In this step-by-step video tutorial (This video is over 2 hours long, so make sure you have enough time to watch the whole thing!) by Katrinah shows you how to setup WordPress ecommerce site for less than $25 by using plain called Woocommerce and Storefront theme by WooThemes, which are both free. To follow along, you can get hosting company through Hostgator for $.01 to get started. It will cover how to sign-up with hosting company, WordPress installation using quick install, Woocommerce plugin installation, basic Woocommerce settings and some theme customizations.

2. Beginners Guide to Setting up Woocommerce 2015 –┬áPart 1

Maximus from A1Websitepro installs the Woocommerce 2.3 from on his daughters record company website Faith McCullough Records. In this part 1 of 2 video, Maximus talks mostly about the Woocommerce settings and not the actual building process (like shipping options, inventory, emails and etc). If you want, you can watch his Part 2 video which is more about creating your first product with image and description.

3. Create an eCommerce Website by wpSculptor

This is an epic step-by-step ecommerce creation tutorial by Josh Jackson with no steps skipped! He uses free theme called MyStile and Woocommerce. You’ll learn how to set up domain name and hosting account with Hostgator.com, install WordPress, creating pages using the visual editor, use free stock photos and icons, create contact form page, create basic products and organizing products into product categories, creating variable products with advanced ecommerce functionality, create products that are currently on sale, categories pages, setup home page, configure featured products, set up payment processing with Paypal, create your own custom logo with free graphic and online editing applications, configuring advanced tax and shipping options, coupon codes, advanced upsetting and cross selling functionally to your site and more.

4. How to Create a Powerful Ecommerce WordPress Woocommerce Website – Start Selling in 1-hour

This video might be little advanced for beginners but Peter Krzyzek does nice explanation of creating a very professional looking site using a theme called Flatsome which is the best selling Woocommerce theme currently available from the Themeforest marketplace. You’ll learn how to reproduce the print and design website he created from scratch. He’ll also add some functionality used by Amazon.com. This video is an hour long, so make sure you have watch the whole video in one sitting.

5. Installing a Woocommerce Theme

In video tutorial by Ecommerce Tutorial, you’ll learn how to install WooCommerce theme and also talks about where to find quality themes to start your store. This is part 1 of 5 videos, where he covers payment gateways, customizing a woocoomerce and others. He’ll be downloading a free theme called Mystile from Woothemes for this demonstration. Video is just under 21 minutes long.

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