Resize and Image Optimization

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How to Resize and Image Optimization – OpenCart 2.0

1. Go to to open the Pixlr Editor. We will resize the image here and upload the optimized image in OpenCart 2.0.

pixlr editor

2. Open image from your own computer or download the asset to follow along. Click here to download.

open image from computer

3. This image size is 1500 by 1500 pixels which is too large to use as product image. By scaling the image size down, you will also decrease the file size which will help with your web performance.

pet product

4. To scale down the image, go to Image > Image Size and enter 600 pixels.

resize image

5. Now go to File > Save Image and here you can optimize the quality of your image. Leave the format as JPEG and play around with the quality slider. Quality of 70 is standard and you don’t go too low as that would really degrade your photo.

save image

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