Shopify vs Bigcommerce – Theme Comparison

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Shopify vs Bigcommerce – Theme Comparison (Free and Paid)



  • 26 free themes and all of them are responsive. One feature I like with Shopify when previewing the themes is that you can actually switch between Desktop & Mobile mode instantly from their demo site.
  • 122 paid themes – Cheapest theme cost $100 from their marketplace.
  • But here the one Big advantage Shopify has over Bigcommerce is that you can purchase themes from other theme marketplaces like If you don’t know Themeforest, it’s where you can purchase virtually any kind of themes, not just Shopify themes, all created by developers. You can pick one up for low as  $56 and it comes with free future updates and 6 months of free support. If you decide to go this route, make sure you pick a theme with lot of sales. Why is that? If the theme is making sales, the developer will have vested interest in making improvements to the theme. As opposed to themes with no sales or few sales, the developer might abandon the theme. So, make sure you keep that in mind.



  • 16 free themes but only 2 are responsive.
  • 42 paid themes – Cheapest theme cost $120.00 and not all of them are responsive. One quick tip, if you don’t have any coding knowledge, make sure to pick the one with “Style Editor” badge as that will allow you to quickly customize the look of your store without any coding knowledge, such as HTML or CSS. You can change things like colors and fonts with ease. They have total of 11 Style Editor themes available.


Overall in terms of the visual look of the themes, Shopify wins here without any doubt. Their themes are responsive and you have more choices outside of their marketplace. Also, free themes from the Shopify marketplace looks very attractive with nice designs that you might not even need to purchase themes. But then again, it all depends on what you are looking for.

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